En Bloc magazine set out with a clear mission: to challenge the traditional praxis of literary magazines and their unreasonable demands, hoop-jumping and exploitative lack of compensation; to provide a platform to writers, poets, artists and photographers across the world in which the sole arbiter of acceptance is the quality of their work, and not how much they can pay in submission fees.

People responded.

Within the space of a month we’d amassed some 5000+ submissions. Within three we’d published and distributed our inaugural issue in the thousands, throughout several hundreds of stores and across 6 continents. Most importantly of all, we showed the world that there is a new way of doing things. A better way.

Every issue, En Bloc features a handpicked selection of household names alongside some of the very best emerging talent in the arts today. Each magazine is lovingly curated, environmentally conscious, and 116 pages printed using only the finest papers and inks.